005: You do realize, don’t you ..?

.. that it’s my intention to continue adding posts at least until we reach 999 of them.

After that, who knows what’s going to happen ? Will it be like the turn of the century was to all things IT ? – what did we call all that rubbish ? .. Something like—oh yes ! It was known as “Y2K”. I remember clearly that Stringer thought it was all hilarious.   🙂

STILL waiting for Support to respond to my request to change the email address associated with this blog. And while I wait I have to do a complete login to every site I’ve saved my details to. Can’t ‘Like’ any blog. Am basically hamstrung.

I don’t know why it’s taking them so long: they’re normally very quick off the mark.

Oh well. Back to waiting ..

004: Waiting for the ‘GO !’ sign to become an entity

When WordPress gets back in touch with me to advise if they are able to change the email address from which this site springs (bad choice of verb: springing it ain’t !), there are two alternatives that will emerge: either I shall have to shut this one down forever – which would make a total of .. oh, I don’t really have any idea ! – or I can continue on and not have to log in to every goddam site I visit regularly (including this one). And that would be such a relief that I’m unable to describe it. At the present time, I can’t post Comments on other sites, even ..

Beginning entirely anew, without hooking up with any of my previous followers because I would prefer that people find Being Me in the Reader and perhaps decide to follow – even though I know that takes bloody YEARS – is a decision I took recently. Suddenly, but not inexplicably, imnsho. But had I known that starting out from the very beginning would mean I could no longer use the old editor, I wouldn’t have done it. I suppose that’ll teach me.

So if I intend to pursue this effort – meaning, if Automattic Support comes back to say that I CAN revert to a previous email address – then I’m looking once more at defining myself. For how is anyone in the world going to find me when searching by topic ? – and isn’t that what people do in The Reader ?

I suspect that in the long run I’ll delete the posts and re-commence, once having plumped for a pigeon-hole. A plump pigeon’s house it’ll need to be.    🙂

I don’t know that it is, after all, possible to have a personal blog just for rabbiting on (as is my wont) without a peg on which to hang the rabbit, so to speak.


003: A flower puzzle

A dear friend who lives up in banana-bending country (i.e., Queensland) is a passionate walker – which often leads to being a passionate climber. Chacune son goût.

I’m lucky enough to be on the receiving end of some pretty wonderful photos that she sends down by email – amazing Oz back country scenery, trees, little animals, rocks, waterfalls and – almost to be called ‘my favourites’, flowers.

What a sublime example or our flora !

I can’t find it. I have consulted Dr Google for bloody HOURS, and my eyes are getting hot and dry and my temper much the same.

Anyone ? PLEASE ?

002: Coffee: a commination ?

Climate change, as everyone whose brain actually functions is aware, is upon us; and almost every day we’re reminded of it.

This-morning I was prompted by my ‘in brief’ newsletter from The Atlantic to read a very, very long article (I admit it: I skipped through) about an extremely specific example of how it’s changing our world. Perhaps I mean my world, putting it into context ..

from 16th September issue
This is an example of it, but so far only on the leaves

Look at that last sentence, and imprint it on your mind: coffee as we know it is at risk of not being around.

OKOK – don’t scream at me ! I do realize that there are many upon whose happiness levels that fact doesn’t make the faintest dent. It’s that lot who probably agree with the noun I used in the heading (‘commination’ is a divine retribution); and they’re either smug in their tea-drinking or in their “I don’t actually drink tea or coffee !” healthy habit. Pfuh ! to them: lead your boring, boring life.

Me, I drink too much coffee, I suspect; but I really enjoy it. The prospect of its becoming more and more expensive and then .. well, just fading out of existence ! is horrifying. I am a fan of Breville’s espresso machines, and currently using a much smaller one than of yore: the Barista Pro:

ALMOST perfect ..

whereas previously I owned in absolute and complete coffee-drinking joy the Breville Dynamic Duo in cranberry:

Perfect !

The major and extremely important difference is that use of the latter machine’s steam wand results in milk as hot as I want it – bloody hot !; but the former’s steam wand is simply pathetic. Not worth the time trying to use it to a satisfying degree. I don’t try: I simply microwave my milk. Sighh ..

So: you coffee aficionados out there – what do you use ? And how unhappy will you be is this awful scenario occurs ..?

001: Just when you thought ..

.. it was safe to scroll through the Reader, who should turn up (again !) but moi !

Hello, me old – owyagoinmateorright ?

Hope so. After all, it hasn’t been all that long since we last communicated, has it ? – but of course, that was in another country; and besides .. since that brief time ago I’ve adopted a new resolve.

While it appears to work well for most bloggers to come out with cries from the heart that generate thoughtful and sympathetic comments, that doesn’t happen for me. So from now on, under this camouflage of a new blog, I shall adhere grimly to what’s best for me, and express thoughts that have nothing to do with any personal problem/s up against which I may come.

I shall write, in other words, my usual rubbish.   [grin]

This time, no categories or tags – just copy. AND images, every so often – when relevant. I love images; but I’m not a rapid hand with my phone (which is very often where I’m not).

It’s going to be a challenge, as I haven’t the faintest idea what I’m doing, in the new editor. In fact, I’m only able to start because I discovered that I can do that from the familiar /wp-admin sidebar. Deo gratias for small things, eh ? Now: how do I remove those thingys below posts ..?